The 3 Best Affiliate Programs to Promote

The 3 Best Affiliate Programs to Promote

Doesn’t your head just swim with all the affiliate programs now available online? Choosing the best affiliate offers can be a little intimidating, but you can narrow your choices down just a bit and also earn a lot more commissions by looking for three specific types of affiliate programs to promote.

High-Ticket Affiliate Offers

It’s not always the “percentage” of commission that counts the most.  For instance, consider that earning a 10% commission on a $500 sale is a lot more profitable than earning a 50% commission on a $25 sale. Why settle for $12.50 when you could be earning $50?

Although it may be easier convincing someone to spend $25 than $500, a great deal comes down to the specific markets you choose and the type of buyers that you target with your offers.

If your website is designed to appeal to people who are more likely to be buying high-ticket items, the amount of work you have to put into it will not really be all that different than for a site that appeals to people looking for lower ticket items.

Of course, you’ll still have to do your regular homework:  market and keyword research, build your site, write your content and all the other tasks that goes along with launching a new website.  So, why not target products that are going to pay you a quite a bit more?

Lifetime Commissions Affiliate Offers

Look for affiliate programs that offer lifetime commissions!  If an affiliate program has multiple products that you can promote to the customers you refer, you can make a lot more money from anything that your referred customers buys in the future.

In other words, if someone buys something through your affiliate link, they get tagged as “your” customer. From then on, whenever they buy any other products from the vendor, you automatically earn a commission, even if you had nothing to do with that particular offer.  As you can plainly see, this can become quite profitable.

Recurring Commissions Affiliate Offers

My favorite affiliate offers are the “recurring” commission ones…and you’ll love them too!  These types of affiliate offers allow you to continue to earn a commission month after month, and you don’t have to do more any more work after the initial sale.

Where can  you find these types of offers? Affiliate programs offering recurring commissions are commonly found from sites offering a membership program or with ongoing paid services such as web hosting.  Other places to consider is sites which offer products that automatically ship to the customer every month until they cancel.

When searching for affiliate offers with recurring commissions, be sure to look for data about how long the average customer continues in the program. Do they offer some good incentives to retain their customers?  This will give you an idea of how much you can realistically expect to earn from every successful referral.

Looking for the “very” best affiliate programs to promote? There are some really good affiliate programs that include two or even all three of these features. You just need to do your homework and hunt them down.

You can easily find some good affiliate offers by joining affiliate networks such as ShareaSale, Commission Junction and  Link Share.  Amazon’s affiliate program is another good option…even though the commission percentages that they offer may seem low, they have high ticket items that you can promote.  Clickbank is yet one other affiliate network that allows you to sell digital products and you’ll even find commissions up to 75% and also some generous recurring commissions.

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  1. Hi Rhonda,

    First off, thanks so much for mentioning the Affiliate Marketing Success System! I really appreciate that:-)

    Affiliate marketing can be a great way to get started online. It’s a low cost startup and you don’t have to have your own product! I have used affiliate marketing as one of my business models for years, and I love it.

    Great post – thanks for explaining it so well.

  2. Thank for stopping by, Laurie! I appreciate your comments…as I truly am fond of affiliate marketing and it’s just such a great opportunity!

  3. I’ve just started my search for some quality recurring commission affiliate opportunities, and I came across your helpful posting.

    I think for now I’ll just focus on finding some decent programs through Clickbank, though I haven’t had much success with this strategy in the past. I’ve been around the Adsense block a couple times now, and feel I’m ready to step things up a bit.

    Thanks for the added guidance…

  4. Your lin above, (Affiliate Marketing Success System) goes to a Wahmcart Website, does not seem like the right one, it’s a shopping cart.

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