How to Stop Internet Distractions — And Boost Your Online Business Productivity

What’s the True Cost of Internet Distractions?


Internet distractions have cost me greatly.

I’ve been known to waste away a whole day and accomplish absolutely NOTHING.

Nothing = No extra revenue for my online business.

Distractions are deceptively dangerous.

Most people fail in productivity because…

They don’t see the true cost behind distracting activities.  They don’t tally up all the wasted minutes which can actually total up to wasted “hours”.

Let’s illustrate by using Facebook as an example….

Let’s suppose you take (five) short 10-minute Facebook sessions throughout the entire day.

Now consider that it can take a normal person perhaps 10 minutes to get back into a good work mode after Facebooking.

That’s a whopping —  1 hour and 40 minutes out of your day from just Facebook alone.

Now, once you add in all the other different distracting activities in a day, you can see how it quickly adds up.

The true cost  = Lost Revenue!

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What Can You Do to Stop Internet Distractions?

1. Cut Out Facebook, Reddit, Twitter, Email, StumbleUpon, etc

You can’t be serious?

Oh yes I am…

Sites like Facebook, Reddit, Twitter, StumbleUpon and even email should be off limits during scheduled work time.

Email can be checked at specific times in the day, like in the morning, at noon and at the end of the work day. Incessantly checking email is just distracting, not productive.

For social networking and marketing, realize you don’t really need that much time.

Schedule and set a small, limited amount of time to connect with others, and then go on to something productive for your business.  ( Tip:  Set a timer…so that when it “dings,” it can bring you back to reality that you need to get other tasks done.)

2.  Set Reachable Goals and Keep Them Before You.

– Make goals that you can reach without undue stress.

We have a tendency to avoid “stressful situations”; therefore, if you feel that you’ll never get all your work done, you’ll have a tendency to subconsciously distract yourself (with social networks) to avoid work.

– Keep those goals in front of you as a constant reminder that you need to be  getting them done.

Find a system that works for you…a desktop calendar, sticky notes, popups on your desktop.

– Reward yourself for getting your goals done.

In the offline work world, good employers reward productive employees…it boosts their spirits…it energizes them…it motivates them to get more done.  Why not reward yourself for accomplishing all your goals for the day — or at least for the week?

3.  Make Yourself Accountable.

– Sometimes internet distractions can be so addicting.  If you need extra help, find a personal accountability partner that can call or connect with you to check up on you to see how productive you’ve been.

– Let your colleagues and business connections know about your goals.  This is more accountability for you…it will push you to complete your projects.

– Let your online friends know that you won’t be available on social networks at certain “work hours”.  Ask them to remind you that you’re NOT suppose to be there…if you do pop in at times you shouldn’t.

 4. Use Software that Increases your Productivity.

– First, find out whatever software can cut your workload and help you to be more productive.  You’ll enjoy work more and be less tempted by internet distractions.

– Secondly, you can disconnect from the internet…and work offline somewhere else.  This is a good option.  But, if for some reason  you do need to stay connected, use wonderful technology to help you avoid internet distractions.

A few possibilities to consider…

Block Internet Distractions: ,Stay focused chrome plugin:

Just For Mac:,

Evaluate the use of your time: Rescue Time:

For distraction-free writing try:,,

Distraction free reading:

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