Is Your Blog Suffering? 8 Ideas to Get More Traffic to Your Blog

I’m always working hard to create quality content for my readers…after all, that’s what draws traffic to your blog.

blog traffic ideas

There’s easier ways to get your blog noticed!

But guess what?

Even the “best content in the world” won’t do any good unless there are internet bots [real] people actually reading it.

Marketing your blog content is one of the key factors of using your blog to reach your targeted audience and draw in more traffic.

Here’s 8 ideas to generate more traffic to your blog:

1. Write an eBook or Report – Gather several of your older blog posts to create an informational product that can be distributed to current and potential customers.

Next, create a nice ecover for display. Offer it as a free gift with a subscription to your blog. Another option is to offer it openly as a free download that they can share with their friends — encouraging your content to become “viral” and be shared and passed around.

2. Create a Forum or Social Group – This creates a community that’s interested in your particular niche and draws traffic back to your blog. *This is also useful for generating great discussions…which leads to [guess what!?!]  “new blog posts ideas!”  (Yay!)

3. Offer a Newsletter – Create an newsletter detailing the latest news in your niche (or a roundup of your latest blog posts) and distribute it weekly or monthly. *Offering a “tip of the week” is a shorter version of this activity.  *Traffic tip:  Create a PDF document of your newsletters and submit them to free document sharing sites.

4. Start a Podcast – Talk about your product or service and record it as a podcast. Require your customers to subscribe to the podcasts in order to capture possible leads.  *Or simply use it as a way to generate buzz about your blog.

5. Create Videos for YouTube – Create short, but informative video(s) about your niche and post it on YouTube.

*Create a link in your user profile that will direct people to your blog after they’ve watched the video.  *Add your domain name within your video for viewers to see.

Read more about marketing with YouTube Here

6. Use Social Media – If you don’t have time to create and maintain your own forum or social group, make sure you’re involved in Social networking. It’s one of the best ways to market your product to the masses – for free. Popular sites include Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Stumble Upon, Linkedin, etc.

*You don’t have to spend hours on social media sites.  Choose one or two platforms to use and keep it simple. If you want to optimize further, hire someone to help with your social media marketing.

7. Offer a WebinarHold a live webinar on a topic that relates to the interest of your blog’s audience. Depending on the purpose, some offer webinars for free while others charge a small fee for customers to attend.

*Offering the webinar for a nominal fee of $1 to generate interest and build your client base also covers some expense and brings in more serious attendees. You make the decision on what’s best for your situation.  You can certainly test both options and see what works best.

8. Teleseminars – Record a teleseminar on a particular topic of interest and capture lead information to gain access to the recording. Use this tool to draw more interest in your blog’s topic and build yourself as an expert in your niche.

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